Aerial Silks & Hoop

Fall Dance Classes Start September 9th!
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Aerial Acrobatics (Ages 7 to Adult)

Professional circus-style aerial instruction, choreography, competitive coaching and event performances!

KaliAndrews Dance Company provides the opportunity for participants to explore their artistic acrobatic skills in the air! Offering multiple choices of Aerial Apparatus for our students to discover, explore, grow and challenge themselves within each lesson. Aerial acrobatics has become well-known in the circus performance community and is continuing to grow in popularity. This form of acrobatics is highly challenging in addition to being rewarding at the same time, and is commonly seen in the world famous Cirque du Soleil.

Our modern facility is equipped with professional rigging 20-feet off the ground that provides students with a genuine circus experience. Our rigging systems consist of rated, tested components and dynamic ropes for very strong, soft feeling points that can be used for a variety of aerial activities. Each point has a double redundant floor anchoring system to ensure they are more than capable of supporting the loads associated with aerial apparatus and harness work.



“Next to the National Circus School and the Cirque du Soleil facilities in Montreal, KADC is Ottawa’s best facility for learning Aerial Arts!” — Meaghan Wegg, Performer, Cirque du Soleil Quidam.

Still looking for more information? Read more about the Unique Skill and Training that goes into Aerial Silks and Aerial Hoop! KaliAndrews Dance Company also offers professional event and wedding performances.

Summer Aerials Classes Start July 17th!

Download the detailed Ottawa Summer Schedule here.

Download the detailed North Dundas Summer Schedule here.

Tuition Fees

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Course Prerequisites

Students must meet the following requirements:
• Must be comfortable hanging upside down
• Can do one full push up from toes
• Can touch toes standing (pike position) without bending knees
• Understands that this course is both physically and mentally challenging – Can comprehend and follow instructions well

Note: An additional Acrobatic or Limbering class is recommended alongside Aerial Acrobatics.

Participants are asked to wear tight, fitted clothing covering as much skin as possible. Bra Tops, Tanks and Shorts are not appropriate attire for Aerials classes as having skin exposed during training can cause burns, scrapes and/or bruising from the repetition and constant rehearsal on the apparatus. KADC may not permit participation if students are not adhering to our dress code policies. Inadequate attire can become a safety hazard. KADC recommends tight, fitted long sleeved shirts, leggings, tights etc. Bare Feet. Hair should be neatly tied up in a ponytail or a Ballet Bun.

Studio Profile

One of the most unique dance studios and schools in Ottawa, Ontario! We offer a wide variety of lessons in traditional dance styles such as Ballet and Pointe, Jazz, Contemporary and Hip Hop. We also specialize in circus-based dance styles such as Acrobatic Dance, Stunting, Tumbling, Contortion and Aerial Arts.

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