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Hip Hop Dance Classes for Children

The Benefits of Hip Hop Dance Classes for Children

Hip Hop Dance Classes at KaliAndrews Dance Company in OttawaThere are many benefits to any kind of dance classes for children and for individuals of all ages. Hip hop dance classes combine several different styles of dance, not just the typical idea of what hip hop dancing is. It incorporates old and new dance moves and styles like break dancing, popping, crumping and even traditional jazz moves. A large part of hip hop dance is creativity and improvisation and just letting the music move you. This is a great way to encourage creativity and expression through dance classes for children. There are many other great benefits to hip hop dance classes that include:

  • • Increased flexibility
  • • Better balance
  • • Increased coordination
  • • Development of muscle
  • • Builds self-confidence
  • • Artistic expression
  • • Physical Activity

Hip Hop dance classes are great for everyone, but for kids it provides a great outlet for not only their energy but also artistic expression. Dancing requires a lot of physical activity and can help your child be more physically fit, but through movement it also teaches them how to be graceful and can help develop their coordination and balance. Hip hop dancing is not always about “going hard” and “hitting it”, it also requires graceful movements and incorporates different dance styles like jazz and even lyrical dance techniques which will help your child develop new talents and skills. A major part of dancing is being creative and hip hop dancing is the same. It allows for kids to create their own dance combinations and moves to the beat of the music and it can really allow them to express their emotions through movement.

Other benefits that are not related to the physicality of dancing are that it allows for your children to socialize with kids that have the same interests and allows for them to create bonds with the other kids in their dance classes. Hip hop dancing and dance classes also help with self-confidence as they often take part in performances in front of their families and peers. This will help them gain confidence and feel positive about the hard work that they have put in. Dancing can really instill a sense of being committed and working hard and then receiving that positive reinforcement when they dance in a public performance.

There are many benefits of hip hop dance classes for your children. It can help them keep physically fit, express themselves, and help them meet other children with similar interests!

Check out some of our hip hop dance videos on YouTube!

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The Benefits of Ballet for All Dance Styles

The Benefits of Ballet for All Dance Styles

Ballet Classes, Lessons at KaliAndrews Dance Company in Ottawa

Ballet focuses on the principles and steps on which almost all dance styles are founded. With a solid ballet foundation, dancers can transfer their skills into Jazz, Lyrical & Contemporary, Acrobatics, Aerial Arts or any other dance form they may decide to pursue. Acquiring a solid ballet foundation is crucial to becoming an outstanding dancer in any dance form.

However, the benefits of ballet extend well beyond improving technique in other styles of dance. The physical challenges contribute to building strength and improving muscle coordination, posture and flexibility. Meanwhile, the mental discipline required helps children develop confidence and emotional maturity.

Other benefits of ballet include:

  • • Teaches discipline and instills good work ethic for life
  • • Gives you quality and grace within movements
  • • Improves muscle distribution and strength to otherwise weak supporting muscles, which can help prevent injuries with age (if trained properly)
  • • Improves coordination and balance
  • • Enhanced mental focus
  • • Enhanced cardiovascular endurance, blood flow and oxygen to muscles
  • • Improves memory, as exercises are given quickly and expected to be remembered within minutes


KaliAndrews Dance Company offers Ballet classes for children ages 3 to 18. Our dancers have taken home several special awards in Competitive Ballet, including 1st Place Overall junior score and 2nd Place Overall senior novice score across multiple regional and national competitions in the 2013 season.

We’d love to have you join our Ballet Program. If you have any questions about the program, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Taking Dance Classes in Ottawa to New Heights

Taking Dance Classes in Ottawa to New Heights

Appearing in Ottawa SportsXpress Magazine

Have you ever wished you could pull off the graceful and gravity-defying acts of the performers of Cirque du Soleil? KaliAndrews Dance Company provides the opportunity to do just that, offering unique dance classes in acrobatics, stunting, tumbling, contortion and aerial silks and hoop (in addition to the full gamut of traditional dance styles). One of the most unique dance schools in Ottawa, KaliAndrews was started a few short years ago by a young husband and wife team: Artistic Director KaliWegg, and Executive Director Lyndon Andrews.

The school offers recreational dance classes for all ages and skill levels, as well as competitive training for those looking to pursue dance at the professional level. It is also the only school in Ottawa with the ceiling height necessary for circus-style aerial arts, which include incredible stunts such as drops, rolls and free falls.

Aerial silks (also known as aerial ribbons or tissues) and aerial hoop are styles of dance where an artist performs acrobatic tricks while hanging in the air from either a spinning hoop or suspended aerial silks. With the continued success of Cirque du Soleil, aerial arts are becoming more popular than ever. Raw strength, flexibility and grace combined with jaw-dropping stunts keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

KaliAndrews Dance Company is also home to one of the top Competitive Dance Teams in Ottawa. The team has competed across the region, taking home countless trophies, choreography awards, costume awards and more. The team loves to compete, but the emphasis is on the love of dance and having fun.

You can view the incredible acrobatics, contortion, stunting and aerial arts and all other dance classes at KaliAndrews Dance Company by visiting their YouTube Channel or website at kaliandrews.com.

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One of the most unique dance studios and schools in Ottawa, Ontario! We offer a wide variety of lessons in traditional dance styles such as Ballet and Pointe, Jazz, Contemporary and Hip Hop. We also specialize in circus-based dance styles such as Acrobatic Dance, Stunting, Tumbling, Contortion and Aerial Arts.

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