Lyndon Andrews — Executive Director

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Lyndon Andrews | Executive Director

Lyndon Andrews | Executive Director of KaliAndrews Dance Company in Ottawa

Lyndon did not grow up in the dance world but quickly became familiar with its qualities and traits when he met Kali. With a background in Tae Kwon Do and extreme sports, he became fascinated with his new surroundings. Lyndon has taken many courses in aerial arts, tumbling, stunting techniques and in acrobatics instruction, and continues to grow as one of KADC’s main coaches.

Between coaching his own classes, training students to become teachers, creating new props for KADC’s competitive team and maintaining a home for the KaliAndrews dancers, Lyndon still manages to keep his foot in the door with his real passion as a manufacturing engineer. Lyndon works day and night to find new ways to make things run more smoothly at the studio, while maintaining a healthy training environment for all of KADC’s students.

Lyndon is also the main individual behind all of KADC’s picture and video production. Lyndon’s passion for music plays a main role in our shows and helps to create the magical outlet that sets KADC apart from any other dance school.

Studio Profile

One of the most unique dance studios and schools in Ottawa, Ontario! We offer a wide variety of lessons in traditional dance styles such as Ballet and Pointe, Jazz, Contemporary and Hip Hop. We also specialize in circus-based dance styles such as Acrobatic Dance, Stunting, Tumbling, Contortion and Aerial Arts.

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