Kali Wegg — Artistic Director

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Kali Wegg | Artistic Director

Kali Wegg | Artistic Director of KaliAndrews Dance Company in Ottawa

Kali grew up in a family of five girls—all falling under the influence of dance and entering the field at a very young age. With two older sisters owning their own successful schools for over 15 years, and a younger sister developing a passion for circus arts, Kali was bound to find her passion through entertainment as well. Always surrounded by the influence of studio directors and dancers, Kali quickly knew that she would stretch in her own school one day. Dancing from the age of four, and teaching for over 10 years, Kali has developed many essential qualities that an instructor can accomplish only with experience.

Kali has danced and taught at more than a dozen dance schools and community centres across Ontario. She studied acrobatic dance at one of the most renowned studios in Western Ontario—Andrea’s Dance Studio, located in Parkhill, Ontario. This is where Kali spent over 10 years of her dancing career, winning multiple awards at local competitions and being a big part of the “family” that helped her quickly grow into a well-formed acrobatic dancer.

Kali was part of an acrobatic number that performed at London, Ontario’s Western Fair Youth Talent Competition in 2004. This group became one of the judges’ favourites as they competed in the preliminaries, then moved onto the quarter finals, the semi-finals, and then onto the finals. The group called “Insect,” choreographed by Andrea Wegg of Andrea’s Dance Studio, won the title for the competition, making them eligible to compete in the National Youth Talent Competition in Vancouver.

After travelling to British Columbia and competing against each province’s winner, “Insect” won first place in this all-Canadian national competition and was asked to perform in the following years’ competition as the returning champions.

In addition to all of the competing, classes, workshops and many performances over the years, Kali has successfully obtained her teacher’s licence through the BATD (British Association of Teachers of Dancing) for the Acrobatic and Stage branches of dance. In addition to her own credentials, she has trained eight successful candidates for their teacher certification with the BATD in acrobatic and jazz dance—each passing with highly commended marks. As a teacher and choreographer, Kali has won numerous choreography and judges’ choice awards for her competitive numbers. Kali continues to study modern teaching methods, choreography and technique training, as she believes there is always room for improvement. “A dancer or a dance teacher is never finished learning.”

Kali is the Artistic Director at KaliAndrews Dance Company and teaches classes in Acro Technique, Tumbling, Stunting, Contortion, Tap Technique, Jazz Technique, Hip Hop and Limbering. If you haven’t experienced one of Kali’s unique classes, then you’re really missing out. Her innovative programs and choreography will have your head spinning and you’re children will be pushed to their limits!

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